Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Healthcare Systems Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Healthcare Systems - Article Example The Institute of Medicine’s report suggests the implementation of patient safety programs. This means that culture, procedures, and measurements must be reversed to soot the patient needs. The healthcare system has to use this in order to bring transparency in its operation. With this, patients and other customers can willingly table their suggestions, concerns, and observations that can be of help to the organizational functioning. Culture relies on the leadership. As the CEO, I have to incorporate it into the system. This will in return improve patient care, service delivery, and safety. In addition, working as CEO for large healthcare company I will ensure that the firm changes its organizational culture, structure, and design so that it reflects the patient’s needs. Research findings show that most of the patients receive unsatisfactory services. The healthcare system has to be reformed in order to satisfy them. By reforming the system, most patients will afford the health services, there will be an improvement in quality and common complication in patients can be brought under control. Standardizing processes require a high level of technology. This means that a lot of money must be used to purchase the necessary equipment. This may be very difficult because of the limited budgets allocated each year. While accepting the fact that it will reduce errors, it is not safe because the information, which is very confidential, may leak out to other people who may hack the system. It may be very difficult to realize any change in data until it is very late. In addition, most people will lose their jobs because the technology will replace their spaces.

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