Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Free Essays on Spyware, The Newest Form Of Privacy Invasion

, and recording credit card numbers. Spywar... Free Essays on Spyware, The Newest Form Of Privacy Invasion Free Essays on Spyware, The Newest Form Of Privacy Invasion In a study of 3 million computers, over 83 million spyware programs were found. Spy-ware, which is deceitfully installed by malicious attackers, is an ever increasing problem among professional and home computer users worldwide. It not only causes performance problems for computers, but can also damage the computer’s hardware. It infects an estimated 80% of all computers worldwide, and many users have no idea what "spyware" is. Anyone who uses a computer should educate themselves on what spyware is, how it gets onto computers, and how to protect themselves. If people have no knowledge of what spyware is how can they protect their computer properly? Many people have heard about spyware and are purchasing programs to help protect their selves from it, but this is not always the best solution. Many legitimate software programs contain an information-gathering functionality that they need in order to perform properly. These include error reporting applications, troubleshooting and maintenance programs, security protocols, and Internet browsers. These small windows into computer’s security systems are there for legitimate programs that need some access to properly display their products and services, and if people install blocking tools that block all communication on those ports, then they also block the legitimate programs also. Spyware companies’ exploit this built in access to read personal or private information stored on computers. These programs can have devastating effects on a computer. Once a spyware program is installed on a computer it can be almost impossible to detect or remove. Sometimes multiple spyware programs can infect a computer and slow down the system to the point that it is almost useless. Spyware is the most commonly used tool for criminals committing identity theft. Spyware can perform many tasks, such as; recording keystrokes, recording passwords, and recording credit card numbers. Spywar...

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