Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Graphic Design in the 1950s Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Graphic Design in the 1950s - Assignment Example The assignment "Graphic Design in the 1950s" talks about the ways the graphic design was done in the 1950s. To follow Warhol's passage from commercial artist to the world star is to chart an intriguing transition. The term printing refers to an image consisting of pure black and white with no tonal gradation. For an image to be reproduced through letter press printing, it must meet or condition of line art. An ink drawing is a camera ready the both is economically expedient and visually direct, closely resembles the original. A typical illustration of the shoe by Andy, he demonstrates how a color image is produced from line art. Base layer carries an ink drawing of a patterned shoe, and the second layer on a transparent overlay elaborates the pattern. Most of the dramatic events in the history of graphic art were the invention of photography, whose impact was immediate. Before the introduction of the half tone process in the 18th century, wood engravers reproduced photographs by translating them by hand into patterns of black marks. The process of photographic was widely used in the printing of line drawing; illustration could prepare drawing of arbitrary dimension, which could be then photographically reduced. Some illustration continued to approximate the realism of photography and photographs remained the routine source material throughout the industry, many commercial artists worked to define the products of the hand against those of the camera, marketing drawing that was totally different.

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