Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mgt wk2 group assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mgt wk2 group assignment - Essay Example The aspects which are set to deliberated are of significant influence to all stakeholders. After discussing the below effects, you as members of the board of directors are expected to spread the outcome well. You can execute this duty by adapting the availability of the social media like newspapers, radios as well as television. This is because this information will be made to be of close access by all our braches worldwide. These branches are our own and therefore, should not be exempted in any case. The prime aspects that affect the firm include natural disasters; those calamities which usually take place without human interference, human related disasters and unexpected spillage of oil (Schmidt & Wilhelm, 2000). There are still other smaller factors. They do not influence the company’s production that much, but they will not evade being mentioned in this case. They can be readily exemplified by the sharing of the market with other competitive oil firms as well as inflation. The last two ones affect our firm in many ways, although they may appear minor. There are some oil companies which are also performing excellently. This means that like us, they have even spread wings abroad. We all have a similar purpose of ensuring that their oil products sell well around the globe. That is why we face a terrifically strong competition while presenting our commodities in the market. A business firm does anything to ensure that it realizes success. This is the reason why the companies in question mostly sell their products at throw-away prices at our expense. This mostly comes about after the inflation of oil products inclusive of petroleum (Schmidt & Wilhelm, 2000). In many parts of the world where our branches are located, we are mostly confronted by violent climatic and weather conditions. This comprises of uncontrollable phenomenon like rain. Whenever it rains, the ground becomes extremely soggy, and most of

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