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Why We Fight by Eugene Jarecki Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Why We Fight by Eugene Jarecki - Essay Example The documentary was initially screened at the Sundance Film Festival in the year 2005. A notable fact in this regard is that the date it first appeared was 17th of January in the year 2005 which happened to be exactly forty –four years after the farewell address of the President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This documentary received very strict and limited public release. A main reason for this was that, it contained some of the explicit and detailed perception regarding the American war policy. On 22nd January 2006 the documentary made its way for the public release and then the documentary was released on DVD on 27th June in the year 2006. It was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The documentary bagged Grimme Award in 2006. It produced enough justification for the military aggression and myriad foreign policies undertaken by the government of America since World War II. This includes Vietnam invasion and also a major part of the documentary is dedicated to the Iraq inva sion by America in the year 2003. At the same time, the attacks on the twin towers and that of the Pentagon on 11th September 2001 find detailed discussion in the film. Overview The film captivates valuable testimonies of veteran politician John McCain and also of Charles Cameron who is an ex-CIA analyst and well versed political scientist. The documentary also contains valuable thoughts from the Richard Perle, a politician, and also of the renowned non-conservative commentator, William Kristol. Apart from these, thoughts of Gore Vidal, the popular writer and Joseph Cirincione, the public policy specialist appear in the documentary as well. All the opinions of these people are very important and they try to justify the military movement of America since World War II days. But a detailed examination of the film itself will instigate the viewers to review and throw some light on the foreign policies and military invasions undertaken by America. Especially the foreign policy of America towards Middle East and Islamic countries needs to get a revision in order to judge the original need of the invasion since the gulf-war and interference of the super power in these oil belts of Middle East. The question is that America claims time and again that the invasion is a kind of protection for the United States which saves the nation from various external threats. For example, the attack of the 11th September 2001 is hyped, justified and viewed as the major reason for the consequential Iraq invasion of 2003. Undoubtedly, 11th September is a dark day in the calendar of civilisation and no matter where and how human lives are being taken, it is not appreciated in the eyes of any civilised society. But underneath the much hyped propaganda for the justification of the attack on Afghanistan or on Iraq needs a detailed supervision because many innocent lives were also lost for these military aggression and that can never be justified or sympathised with the presentation of the thought of the Vietnam war veteran, whose son was killed in the 11th September attack and that he urged the military to engrave the name of his dead son on a bomb before dropping it on Iraq. However, in the light of the above discussion, the crucial point cannot be ignored that a complete invasion, captivation and unanimous threat was launched across America against the Islamic people. Even the citizens and the tax-payers of the nation who have only their root, ethnicity and lineages from the Middle –East were not spared. Relationship between Middle-East Islam and American Foreign Policy US policy views Middle-East Islamist movements and some organizations at par with terrorist activist groups. America also perceives that Islamist faction groups of the

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