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Any topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Any topics - Essay Example Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment by Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2010) is an investigative study article post by the means of idealism research that applies specific psychosocial early childbearing and pregnancy predictors within a single reproductive woman risks factor (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 14). The article uncovers vividly through extensive discussion multivariate Eriksonian developmental perspective approach for nurses to integrate unique of an unaltered body of mothers of reproductive age. In Ideal environment, the article denotes both quantitative and empirical for of research technique with much utilization of a mail survey to evaluate the evaluative behavior, aspiration factors and psychosocial well-being of reproductive mothers. The article employs a sample population of 2635 participants aged 18 to 20 years selected from the Australian longitudinal study of the survey undertaken for women health (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 16). The article generation is based on the reality that, women of reproductive age psychological factors play a significant role in managing and understanding early childbearing and pregnancy risk issues in women of reproductive age. The research findings presented in the article provide nurses with opportunities to investigate and evaluate the process. In simple terms, the article provides the means of effective nursing interventions or nursing care plan (Ramsay and Gennady, P. 22). The means effective nursing intervention provided by the article helps nursing professions in achieving the best nursing practice in the care of early pregnancy and childbearing women based on the Eriksonian Developmental point of view. The article’s study exploits Erikson psychological development theoretical framework that has been understudied in longitudinal nursing research. Therefore, of all psychosocial factors that may face women

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