Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bloom Energy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bloom Energy - Research Paper Example Even though one can view energy in relation to the full functioning of urban areas, this analysis may focus on the energy features of a contemporary urban settlement, such as Delaware. Bloom Energy, through its revolutionary effort with fuel cell technology, aspires to aid businesses and homes in fueling their own automobiles and producing their own power, giving light and electricity to outlying communities and even decreasing dependence on existing electricity grids. The technology at the core Bloom Energy’s aim to support the environment and the planet was initially designed for utilization in deep space (Schenker 2009). K.R. Sridhar, the co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy, received a request from NASA to formulate a way to make Mars suitable for human habitation. His original plan was an instrument that would utilize Martian water and solar energy to power a reactor cell that produced hydrogen to fuel vehicles and oxygen to breathe (Schenker 2009). The plan formed a brilliant idea in Sridhar. If the reaction will be reversed, putting fuel and oxygen into the cell to produce power, he could transform the way people produced and used energy. He created the prototype of his purported Bloom Boxes to perform the reaction reversal, but required a lot more effort to make the mechanism reversible (Schenker 2009). In that manner, when attached to a source of renewable energy like solar panel, the Bloom Boxes produce and amass oxygen and hydrogen. And when the renewable energy source disappears, it shifts direction and utilizes the amassed gases to produce current. As disclosed by Sridhar, â€Å"I quit doing my NASA work because I believe this particular technology can change the world. Just like developing nations leapfrogged over fixed telephony to mobile, we think our technology will allow developing nations to do the same thing for

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