Sunday, October 6, 2019

Discuss the role of testing of employees as it relates to the Essay

Discuss the role of testing of employees as it relates to the selection process. Summarize your findings - Essay Example This paper looks at the various roles played by employee testing which relates to the selection process. The testing and selection processes in an organization are tedious and demanding. Moreover, they are associated with increased levels of managerial involvement and commitment. Despite the challenges involved with the processes, organizations have nothing to lose. Instead, employee testing and selection helps organizations maximize on their output and quality of its operations. This is because organizations place the right people to do the right job. Among the essential characteristics of the right person for a job description, include the best academic qualifications, high integrity, the best skills, knowledge and creativity. According to McTague (2001), the testing process establishes the skills, expertise, knowledge creativity and capabilities of a potential employee of an organization. Testing process comes after the employees have undergone preliminary interviewing process. Af ter the preliminary interviews and actual employee selection take place, qualifying candidates undertake tests that take different forms. Testing takes place before the actual hiring of employees to ensure that the right qualities meet the requirements by the organization. The increased dynamics in the business environment caused by increased levels of globalization has increasingly changed the manner in which businesses carry out their business. Service industry is the most affected as the demand for integrity and high morals among the employees has taken centre stage. Even the manufacturing industry has taken suit in employee testing. Competition for market shares and high sales levels necessitates the need for quality products, which is only achievable with highly qualified employees placed on the right jobs. Various activities take place during the testing process. Integrity tests involve running drug tests on employees to ensure that employees hired are drug free especially for the service delivery organizations such as insurance companies and banks. People working in the manufacturing industry need to be sober, as working with machines require increased levels of concentration. Arthur (2012) advises that a mistake at any stage in the production process affect the product. Employees who are constant drug users or addicts are prone to accidents, which occur as they work with different machines. A person who is under the influence of stimulant drugs is subconscious and thus, the likelihood of injury is higher than that of sober people. While this affects the total output by employees as injured employees go through medication, low quality products are less competitive in the market. Thus, drug testing has numerous benefits to an organization. Testing process also saves organizations the problems associated with absenteeism and high employee turnover. Psychological testing of employees helps determine if the career paths chosen were in line with their intere sts or whether it was an option presented to them (Collings & Wood, 2009). People who follow their desired career paths are more enthusiastic in carrying out their duties despite the levels of challenge that they are likely to face. Insurance and marketing are job descriptions requiring high levels of commitment and

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